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INTATECH  is committed to transfer only those products and services to ensure quality in accordance with standards applicable to our customer.

We always consider quality as the Company's  existence-development and focus on improvement, continual improvement to enhance the quality of products and services to continually meet the increasing requirements of customers . The company is constantly evolving to expand and dominate the domestic and regional market shares.
To achieve the above expectations, we implement the following measures:
• Identify responsibilities related to the quality of each member of the entire process among production and business.
• Training and raising awareness of quality for all managers, employees and the company communicated its commitment about the quality from the management to everyone to encourage them to support these commitments.
• All activities related to quality must be identified, controlled by the requirements of quality management system.

Education the whole employees so that people understand the quality Policy, quality objectives of the Company thereby fulfilling, applying and maintaining the quality management system is effective, and efficient during business process.

Our company strives to improve quality, effective products and services  provided through periodic reviews of quality management system for the current operation and future development plan.

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