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International Applied Technology Company Ltd. (INTATECH)  takes great pride with our products were introduced to the market that always trusted, highly appreciated by Clients for the quality, progress and models.  

The fields of action that we participated in the markets include the following: Civil, industrial traffic project and Irrigational work and other infrastructure. Manufacturing of all kind of Concrete electrical pole and reinforced concrete pipes. Manufacturing, supplying precast concrete components. Supplying construction material for project. Manufacture of mechanics, transportation, etc.

In the scientific and intellectual era, to provide Customers with best products, our Company frequently organizes training courses and seminars for technology transfer from global research and application organizations in order
to improve the ability of each member of the Company.

By our trustful fame, ability, experience and everlasting creation, we believe that our Clients will feel safe and are pleased with the products and services provided by  INTATECH  –  a trustful accompanying partner.

International Applied Technology Company Ltd. (INTATECH)

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